Tzivos Hashem
Chayolei Bais Dovid Worldwide Program

Tzivos Hashem is a brand new Lubavitch, Chassidishe program for all Primary school students. Classes will include; (1) extra
Jewish Studies (2) Lubavitch Minhagim (3) Tzivos Hashem Worldwide Program. This extra-curricular initiative is not compulsory for students, but is open to one and all to participate.

The Chayolei Bais Dovid Worldwide Program is an amazing program which includes missions for all kinds of Torah learning & midos tovos which children can choose from and then receive recognition and prizes for their efforts. Each child will be receiving a “Hachayal” magazine each month, binders, tokens and more.

Interschool Sport Our Primary and High School Students participate in the ASSISA interschool sports competition playing Oztag, netball, cricket, soccer and t-ball.

The students play each week against schools such as St Spyridons, St Andrews, International Grammar School, Mount Sinai, Moriah College, The Emanuel School, Brigidine College, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, St Catherine's and St Clares.

After-School Sports Program

This program is run weekly and is for KTC's Infants students and Primary boys.

Primary boys play sports such as Oz Tag and learn related skills while the Infants focus on learning ball skills related to basketball and netball.

This program is run by Juliet Vesely and assisted by Ron Levi.

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» Athletics
» Bible Quiz
» Camps
» Charity and Fundraising
» Community Service
» Debating
» Festival Programs
» Hospital and Nursing Home visits
» Interhouse Competitions
» Interschool Sport (Basketball, Cricket, T-ball, Netball, Oztag,
Soccer, Touch Football)

» Maths and English Competitions
» Melave Malkas
» Peer Support
» Shabbatons
» Shabbos Programs
» Swimming
» Violin

Primary School

» Art and craft
» Bar Mitzvah celebrations
» Bas Mitzvah celebrations
» Book-a-Thons
» Cross Country

High School
» Girls High School Production
» Year 12 Graduation Dinner