Sickness & Injury

Students should not be sent to school if they are ill, regardless of the activities planned for the day.

Students will be asked at the beginning of each school year to update medical records and parents with particular requirements will be requested to advise the school of a medical plan for their child.

  • If a student becomes ill during class, they should notify the class teacher, who will send them to the Office with a note.
  • Reception staff (Primary) or High School Office will assess the student’s condition.
  • Parents may be contacted and asked that the student be collected and taken home. Alternatively, the student may be allowed to rest and then return to class.
  • The school will make judgements based on what it believes to be in the best interests of the student, and will contact Hatzolah and/or an ambulance if this is deemed necessary.
Sickness & Injury

Student Welfare