Primary School

Children referred for Special Education receive individualised programs after a comprehensive assessment. In the Primary School, children are given the opportunity to follow their tailored program at least three times a week. They spend time with the Special Education teacher and with teacher’s aides and/or volunteer parents.

The children are supported both educationally and emotionally as they find their way through difficulties that once seemed insurmountable. This is a shared journey, of benefit to all those involved in the educational development of the child.

While students’ weaknesses are the criteria that bring them into the remediation program, both weaknesses and strengths are attended to. Students’ strengths are identified and worked with and by taking a holistic approach, the skills gained in the remediation program flow back and help the students’ achievements in the areas of their work where they are having difficulty.

Students with extra strengths are referred to the enrichment program where they are provided with individualised programs. Skills gained here flow back to help students with other areas of their work. Programs for remedial and enrichment students are individualised, differentiated and modified to support and link into the mainstream syllabus.

Children who have been identified as gifted and talented are afforded many opportunities for extension and enrichment within the classroom environment. Our teachers are trained in differentiating the curriculum in order to develop and encourage higher order thinking skills.

English Language and Mathematics Enrichment groups provide further avenues for children to explore their areas of strength and interest. Students also have the opportunity of entering the UNSW Mathematics, Science, Computers, English and Spelling Competitions.

Primary School

Special Education