KTC Education & Care Centre

Education & Care Centre  
Location Blake Street, Dover Heights Campus
Age Catering for children aged 3 - 5 years
Nominated Supervisor Eulalia Verde

Phone: 9301 1128

Email: eulalia.verde@ktc.nsw.edu.au

Hours of Operation Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday  7:30am - 3:30pm

Kesser Torah College has 5 classes in the Education & Care Centre, with a ratio of 1:10 for children 3 years and over, as per the Natural Quality Framework.

As we are an approved provider, you may be eligible for Child Care Benefits or the Child Care Rebate. For more information, visit http://mychild.gov.au/childcarerebate/default.aspx

At Kesser Torah College Education & Care Centre, every child is respected as a unique person with individual needs, experiences, abilities and interests.

We recognise that all children learn at an individual rate through play, first hand experience, modelling and imitation.

We seek to foster and extend the child’s inquisitive nature by planning for a secure, happy and stimulating environment, while offering developmentally appropriate experiences. Our philosophy is to consider each child as a whole and to develop all aspects of the child – physical, emotional, social, cognitive, language and spiritual. We believe in the rights of all children regardless of gender, cultural identity, family background and religious beliefs.


  • A comprehensive, stimulating and exciting educational early childhood program, both Secular and Jewish Studies, is provided. Each class has qualified educators and a part-time Jewish Studies teacher.

    A strong focus on early literacy and numeracy according to each child’s individual needs is developed, equipping them with the building blocks for effective learning.

    Each child’s development is monitored and recorded on a regular basis throughout the year.

  • “Chalav U’Dvash” Ivrit program exposes children to the language through songs, games and dialogue. Visit http://www.chalav-udvash.org.il

Jewish Studies A wide variety of puzzles, books, posters and toys aid the children’s understanding of Jewish values, festivals and Parshah.
Physical Skills The playground is equipped with both fixed and movable equipment such as balance beams, stepping stones, bikes and scooters, climbing frames, balls and hoops which provide an opportunity to use all parts of the body and develop balance, co-ordination and agility.
Social Skills Home corner, cubby houses, parachute games, dressing up clothes, dolls and board games provide an opportunity for the children to socialise and co-operate with one another.
Intellectual Skills A variety of toys and games are used to stimulate the learning of basic concepts such as size, shape, colour, matching, sorting, sequencing, pencil control, counting, one-to-one correspondence and eye/hand co-ordination.
Creativity Imagination and self expression are encouraged through a range of creative modes; collage, painting, modelling, cooking, printing, rubbing, cutting and sewing.
Music Each classroom is equipped with a CD and tape player, a range of Jewish and Secular music and songs and a range of percussion instruments.
IT Classrooms equipped with networked computers installed with Jewish and Secular educational software programs, as well as iPads containing numeracy and literacy games to promote and inspire children's development.
Environmental Studies Children are encouraged to care for their own environment by planting and caring for their own flower and vegetable gardens.


  • Parents are invited to participate in their child’s day at the Education & Care Centre.
  • Weekly newsletters and informal discussions with class teachers.
  • Daily diaries with information about the children's day.
  • Parents are invited to make an appointment to meet individually with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.


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