Our Philosophy


KTC is a Jewish Day School, providing excellence in education in a Torah culture, with a love of learning and Yiddishkeit offered in a nurturing environment of Derech Eretz, warmth and respect, Torah values and Ahavas Yisroel.

KTC aims to create learners who are decisive, creative and critical thinkers. We want KTC to be a secure learning environment that pursues and encourages vibrant and dynamic pedagogy.

It is vital to the effective running of KTC that all members of the KTC community (students, staff, parents and administration) respect the right of students to learn and the right of staff to teach. All members of the KTC community have a role to play in maintaining a learning environment where these rights can be upheld.


  1. Excellence
    - commitment to the highest level of education
    - achieving individual full potential
    - professionalism/excellence in everything we do

  2. Derech Eretz
    - respect the school & everyone including yourself
    - tolerance/acceptance of others no matter who they are
    - integrity and honesty

  3. Nurturing Environment
    - creating a learning environment
    - providing opportunities for personal growth
    - caring for the interests of the individual
Our Philosophy

Our School