Jewish Studies Curriculum

The overall goal of Kesser Torah’s Jewish Studies curriculum is to produce young Jewish men and women thoroughly conversant with their Torah heritage and committed to the values and traditions of Judaism. In the Primary School, we lay the foundations for the achievement of this goal, with each area of study including clear student outcomes for Torah knowledge, skills and values.

In addition to the formal academic program and supplementary classes, there is also a broad extra-curricular program for our students as well as Informal Education which injects additional enthusiasm, excitement and meaning into living our Torah studies and putting the knowledge, skill and value into action.

The Primary Jewish Studies teachers are professional and dedicated role models for the students. They continually improve, enhance and develop the Jewish Studies program in the school. The students are encouraged and challenged to progress in the broad scope of Hebrew textual skills whilst building up a bank of knowledge and skills.  Currently we have enrichment classes from Years 3 – 6 where the students are absorbed into a wider range of Hebrew texts and commentaries. A dynamic differentiated curriculum is used to cater for the needs of all the students in every class.

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Hebrew Reading
Students learn the basics of Hebrew reading in Year K and spend considerable time, throughout the Primary years, gaining additional fluency and accuracy in this important skill.

Our Hebrew reading program involves continuous assessment of each student. We use the Aleph Champ Program which is an internationally acclaimed reading program based on levels similar to a martial arts motivational philosophy. It has been proven to be a successful program motivating students as well as making learning Hebrew fun. Students read at their own pace moving up a level as they master each stage.

Students begin to learn the script letters towards the middle of Year K and build on these skills throughout Years 1 and 2.

Chumash (Torah Text)
Students begin the study of Beraishis in the second term of Year 1. The content goal is to cover the books of Beraishis and Shemos during the Primary grades. Beraishis is covered during Years 1 – 4 and the students study the book of Shemos during Years 5 and 6.

In addition to covering the important narrative, Mitzvos and values featured in these sections of Chumash, a structured Torah skills program in each year of study develops the students’ ability to understand and translate the text. Basic grammar, identifying sheroshim (root letters), use of the Ta’amei Hamikra (cantillation notes) and a focus on high-frequency words, help students to develop the skills necessary for the study of the Chumash text.

Another important feature of this area of study is the values and lessons to be learned from the great personalities and stories featured in the Torah.

Halachah and Jewish Values
Included in this subject are the traditions associated with the Festivals as they occur during the year and the laws and customs which are so much a part of the daily life of a Jew. We also examine important parts of the prayer and feature important values such as respect, kindness, the central place of the land of Israel and our role in the wider community.
Parshah (The Weekly Torah Portion)
Jewish life revolves to a significant extent around the Torah portion read in the Synagogue each week. At Kesser Torah College, we teach our students the events and concepts found in each Parshah and focus on lessons and values which can be learned.

In Years 3 – 6, there are different focus points in order to ensure that students learn something new each year in addition to reviewing the basic Parshah topics. Students bring home a short Dvar Torah (Torah explanation), which they can share with their family each Shabbos, as well as questions on the Parshah.

Mishnah and Gemara (The Oral Tradition)
Students study a variety of Mesechtas (volume of the Talmud) from Year 3 through to Year 6. Understanding Talmudic concepts, as well as the vocabulary and structure of the Mishnah, are features of these classes. Boys in Year 5 & 6 begin the study of Gemara. They are introduced to the Aramaic language which is used in the Gemara, as well as the discussions and the structure of argument and counter argument, which are a feature of Gemara study.
Novi (Prophets)
This begins in Year 5 where students are exposed to the knowledge and values of this period in history, from the original text.
Jewish Studies Tutoring Program
Geared towards individuals or small groups, this program caters for the needs of new students or students who need tutoring to bring them up to the class level. Attention is given in the main part to Hebrew reading or Chumash skills.

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