KTC's Facilities

Art Room
The Art Room is extensively equipped for art and design work and includes a wet area.
Assembly Halls
The KTC Assembly Hall can seat up over 100 people. It is equivalent to two classrooms long and extends into the AV Room when the dividing doors are opened.  With windows along the entire western side, views of Sydney Harbour (including Harbour Bridge and Opera House) can be enjoyed. It is fully carpeted and is fitted with ceiling fans, air conditioning units and heaters. A small stage and lecturn complete the fit-out.

This venue is mainly used by the Girls’ High School for Davening, assemblies and Production rehearsals, however is also used by all other areas of the College as well as the KTC AGM and other Parent Evenings. Full school assemblies are held in the on-site Synagogue.

AV room
The AV Room is adjacent to the Assembly Hall and is equipped with a SMARTBoard that has built-in speakers. Through the designated computer, students can play DVDs or project presentations onto the SMARTBoard screen. A portable PA system consisting of two 1.5m speakers, four wireless microphones and microphone stands is available for any event, anywhere on the College grounds.
Beis Hamidrash (Zal)
The Beis Hamidrash has been transformed from a classroom in the Boys’ High School. With an Aron Hakodesh and a Torah, the boys have a dedicated space to daven Shacharis and Maariv each school day.
Sydney School Buses service KTC students travelling to Bondi Junction. A privatebus to the North Shore services students residing in St Ives.
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Computer labs for each area of school
Kesser Torah College has an integrated state of the art computer network, with three computer labs stationed throughout the College. Each of the computer labs has a commercial quality laser printer as well as further support equipment. Students use the computers in dedicated computing lessons and as an integrated part of their studies in other subjects. Each student is issued with a username and password that gives them access to their own home folder and other programs on the Kesser Torah College network.

A wireless network has been established allowing students’ access to mobile laptop units throughout the entire College. This initiative allows flexible use of this mobile lab in whichever area of the School they may be required, addressing the IT needs of students in all classes.

Custom-built Early Childhood Centre facilities
Our Eary Childhood Centres consist of 7 airconditioned classrooms, each fitted-out with children’s bathrooms. The four classrooms with the younger children also have nappy changing facilities. For those minor mishaps, we have laundries and a shower room. There are 3 staffrooms and 4 kosher kitchens. Children enjoy playing outside in our three play areas, both containing elevated sandpits and shadecloths.

The complex has an Office for the Director and Parent Meeting Rooms.

Design & Technology Room
Our newly completed Design & Technology Room is equipped with woodworking benches as well as desks, a ceramic kiln, a number of sewing machines, sinks and a myriad of materials for students to complete their art, craft and woodwork.
Food Technology kitchen
Our custom-built commercial kitchen meets kosher requirements and is fully equipped for Food Technology classes.
Indoor table tennis room
Located in the Boys High School, the boys can enjoy a few games of table tennis during their recess and lunch breaks.
Library with Reading Area
The Library operates as a resource centre used by staff and students alike. It serves the dual purpose of enhancing and supporting the curriculum as well as providing leisure reading material. Primary classes have a dedicated library lesson with the librarian each week and the library is open at recess and lunchtimes as well as during the day for general use. Students are encouraged to use the library and borrow books frequently.

The library houses material suitable for Year K through to Year 12. It also has an extensive Judaica collection which was augmented by the acquisition of a large donation of books published by ArtScroll in March 2005. New books are constantly being purchased for the School and the library is systematically being enhanced.

Multi-Purpose Hall
KTC's Multi-Purpose Hall has been built on part of the playground, the Hall boasts large windows along the eastern wall which overlook Rodney Reserve and the Pacific Ocean, as well as polished floor boards.
The Hall is used on a regular basis for sport and various school events.
KTC has three dedicated car parks. The front car park is for the sole use of families attending the Early Childhood Centres. The outdoor rear car park is available to all parents (however the boom gate is closed between 9am and 3pm) whilst the security underground car park is for staff use only.
The playground is equipped with climbing equipment including challenging new play equipment (kindly donated by the Parent Council), tables & benches, shadecloth areas and a tennis court. It has a beautiful easterly aspect, overlooking Rodney Reserve and the Pacific Ocean.
Rodney Reserve adjoining
Beautiful Rodney Reserve, adjacent to KTC, is used for weekly sports classes, Cross-Country training, Infants Athletics Carnivals and Fun Runs.
School dedicated carparks
KTC has three dedicated areas for carparking. The front and rear carparks are available for parents and visitors. The security underground carpark is allocated to staff only.
Science Laboratory
From 2014, 2 fully-equipped, custom-built Science Laboratories with preparation areas will enhance the Science opportunities for High School students.
Interactive whiteboards equipped with the latest technology to support learning.
KTC has access to the on-site Synagogue for special occasions.
Tennis Courts
Constructed in 2007, the synthetic grass Tennis Court is situated on the playground overlooking the ocean.

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