Carl Rose Early Learning School

Location Cnr Blake & Napier Street, Dover Heights
Age Catering for children aged 2-3 years
Nominated Supervisor Eulalia Verde

Phone: 9301 1128


Hours of Operation Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday  7:30am - 3:30pm
Days Offered Full time or Part time


The Carl Rose Early Learning School (CRELS) provides a quality, caring environment for 2-3 year olds, prior to entering the Education & Care Centre.

The Early Learning School aims to develop the “whole child” by recognising each individual child’s potential and by providing opportunities for optimum growth in the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical areas of life, within a nurturing environment.

The CRELS is situated on our beautiful Dover Heights campus, together with the Education & Care Centre, Primary and High Schools. The CRELS is staffed by a professional team of educators.

The Early Learning School offers an integrated General and Jewish Studies curriculum, within the context of age-appropriate programming and learning through experience and play.

To this end, the CRELS endeavours to:

  • Foster caring, respect, values and independence
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop their understanding of the world around them
  • Facilitate early learning
  • Engender a love for our Jewish heritage with age-appropriate programming

All principles and programs are based on the following KTC values:

  • Orthodox Jewish practices as guided by our school philosophy
  • The development of positive self-esteem
  • A child-centred nurturing and learning environment
  • A committed, positive, professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Respect, dignity, trust and security for each child
  • Open communication and involvement with the child, parents, staff and management
  • The enjoyment of childhood – a happy, homely, relaxed environment
  • Understanding and respect for social and cultural diversity
  • Encouragement of healthy eating and exercise
  • A safe, hygienic, well organized environment
  • Inclusion for all children
  • The development of life skills in each child
  • Spontaneity and flexibility in the program
  • Independence and individuality of each child
  • Developing the “whole” child
  • A welcoming environment
  • Involving the wider community
  • A working partnership with families, providing a place of support/resource
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For more information contact the Head of Enrolments, Brenda Butnaro,
on 9301 1141 or email

To enrol, please complete the attached enrolment form and return it to Brenda Butnaro.

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