Students are expected to arrive on the College premises on time and be ready to daven. Click here for KTC start and finish times.

Students needing to leave school before the end of a school day must provide a note to the Office upon arrival at School, signed by a parent/guardian, explaining the reason for early departure. The student must obtain a Leave Pass signed by the Office.

During school hours, students are not permitted to leave the grounds without the direct permission of their STAV Group Advisor or Coordinator.

The school year runs from the first day of Term 1 of each year until the last day of Term 4 each year. Attendance on each of these days is compulsory, except on pupil free days, in cases of illness, injury, personal emergency or pre-approved leave. Under no circumstances is absence from school permitted without the express approval of the Principal or the Principal’s delegate.

A student's absence from school because of illness, injury or personal emergency must be advised to the School office or their STAV Group Advisor or Coordinator by 9:00am on the day the student is absent. A note signed by the student’s parent/guardian explaining the absence must be handed to the Office on the day of the student’s return to school.

It should not be assumed that leave will be granted to travel for extended periods of time.  It is a condition of enrolment that each student completes all courses of study required by the College, by the Board of Studies and by law. Depending on the circumstances, the College may refuse to approve absences which, in the Principal's opinion, will compromise this condition. It is recommended that leave be taken, as much as possible, during the term holidays.


Any planned absences for 1 day or more must be requested via the Principal for his approval. This is as per BOSTES requirements. To request leave, please click here to print and download a Parental Application for Exemption from Attendance at School form.

The College monitors and records students' daily attendance, punctuality and absence. If a student has an unsatisfactory or poor attendance record, the College may discipline the student. The College may also notify parents of poor attendance and record information about the student's attendance on the student's file.

To view all of KTC's policies for students please click here to open the Student Handbook. To be updated.